SUBTASK NAVIGATION PLUGIN FOR JIRA We see this tool as an amazing platform which can serve purposes of software development teams but also to entirely non-IT related projects. READ
BASIC THINGS WE Google I use Google a lot in my job. Not only to search things I don't know, but also things I should know very well. For a long time, I didn't feel good about it. READ
IS SOFTWARE GETTING WORSE? My question targets not only desktop software but also mobile apps, web applications and websites. READ
MONGO SECURITY Sooner or later it is unevitable to secure your database. At least in my opinion... It was the first time I was securing a MongoDB instance and when I was looking for some information I came across this blog post. READ
CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION (CI) Let's face the Continuous Integration the development practice that requires developers to integrate code into a shared repository at least once a day per developer. READ
THE CURSE OF STRING DISTANCE When you work for some time on a larger project, you may realise it doesn't perform as well as it did. That is usually expected but sometimes, it just doesn't feel justified. READ
PDI SAS READER If you work in FinTech, sooner or later (but probably sooner) SAS data set will get into your project. READ
NULL CHECKING IN MONGODB When we started using MongoDB in our projects, I was very confused by aggregations. But I wrote so many of them at this point, I actually enjoy putting them together. At least I enjoy it more than writing SQL queries. READ